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Assessment & Treatment

Over 15 years’ experience in the diagnosis and treatment of mental disorders.


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Areas of Expertise

Dr Chahl works as a consultant psychiatrist in Locked Rehabilitation Psychiatry in the independent sector. He has previously worked in the NHS for 15 years. He has since 2010 prepared an average of 50 medico-legal reports a year for civil, family and criminal courts. He has given evidence at over 100 Crown/ Civil/ Family Court, Mental Health Review Tribunals and Independent Hospital Manager’s Hearings.

He has a dedicated medico-legal practice. His waiting times to see clients for a medico-legal report is approximately four weeks and once he has seen the client his turn around time is five to ten working days. His key areas of medico-legal expertise include:

Personal injury

Psychiatric aspects related to personal injury – the medico-legal report would assess whether the personal injury had led to a psychiatric disorder.

Clinical negligence

Psychiatric evaluations relating to medical negligence. Negligence is the breach of a duty of care that leads to damage being caused to that person.

Family law

Dr Chahl can provide medico-legal psychiatric and psychological assessments for all matters relating to child, adolescent & family law.


Dr Chahl can provide assessments of dangerousness and risk of harm in criminal proceedings.

Fitness to plead

Providing psychiatric evaluations of defendants in criminal proceedings to determine fitness to plead.

Assessment of capacity

Dr Chahl can write a thorough report to evaluate capacity of the defendant.

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Dr Chahl

Dr Chahl has over 15 years experience of having worked in different capacities in the NHS and the independent sector. Dr Chahl has prepared over 300 psychiatric reports and has experience of having seen more than 2000 patients for psychiatric assessment and treatment.

Dr Chahl sees clients between the ages of 18-65 for both medico-legal work and offers private consultation for assessment and treatment of depression, anxiety and psychosis. Waiting times for assessment are between one and four weeks. Clients can be seen at short notice (within a week) if requested.

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